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Got the reward notification in mail today to call to get $100 reward card but guy said i have to pay only $4.95 for shipping all he needed was my card # for the small shipping fee ,i became reluctant to give it so i asked who was he with he said smart shoppers but i was hesitant so i told him i would call back later but the guy said dont bother to call back no one is going to charge anything else to your card so you can just forget it anyway u called me which i felt was rude so i hung up and feel this is a scam !!!

Review about: Smart Shoppers Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Not a good idea to shop here


I went thru the same ordeal, don't be fooled of mislead. its a scam and you'll be charged for everything these promised you they weren't going to charge.

Monitor your account and be ready. Its fraud. As for the $100.00 gift card, pin # etc. Its all a scam.

if you do happen to get it which you won't, but if you do and then try to use it you'll have to call them back and relive the same ordeal. And the card will still be useless anyway and your account will be charged all over again not just for the original amount but for ALL the order fees they say you aren't.

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